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Joe’s Escape was deemed a total loss by our insurance company so they cut a check for it, which frankly was more than either of us were expecting, but at that point Joe had already bought a new car anyway because we knew that was going to happen. It was close, though. We got slightly more than the collision guy told me it would cost to repair.

Anyway… originally Joe was looking at a Jeep Compass because he had driven one before (in Denver for work a couple of years ago). But when we went to look at one it seemed small in comparison to his Escape and we really wanted something in the same size range.

There was a Nissan dealer across the street from the Jeep one so we drove around looking at them (this was on a Sunday so no one could bother us) and decided to come back later that week so he could do a test drive. We both really liked the features, not to mention the price, but went and test drove a Ford Escape too just to make sure we weren’t making a hasty decision. Joe had hard time getting in touch with the sales guy the following day so we went back that evening and as luck would have it they had a brand new Rogue sitting in the lot that hadn’t yet been fitted with these ridiculously marked up extras that they claim they have to put on every vehicle before they sell it. Weird, because when Joe threatened to walk, they sold us the car without the crap (which normally is an additional $2500). They pulled this whole “you’ve gotten the best deal anyone has in months” and “I’m going to get in trouble for doing this” sob story. Didn’t work. If they weren’t making money they wouldn’t have sold it to us.

So anyway, here it is! A 2021 Nissan Rogue SV.

Nissan Rogue SV

Joe originally wanted a white one, but after seeing it take on a yellow hue on under artificial lighting he decided to get the red one instead. Or as Nissan calls it, Scarlet Ember Tintcoat. Fancy! I really like the color and neither of us ever thought we’d want a “red” car.

The Rogue is actually slightly larger than his old Escape so we had to clean up the garage a bit to comfortably fit both cars inside.

I love all the features on it, most notably the dual climate control since my feet are usually cold and then Joe gets overheated trying to keep me warm.

I love my Subaru Crosstrek, but I am a bit jealous of some of the features his car has that mine does not:

Keyless entry & push-start ignition

Doors auto-lock once you go over 15 MPH but you can still open the front door from the inside without having to unlock it first

The cup holders have plastic that stick out and adjust to hug most size cups so they don’t jiggle around

There’s a huge lighted storage cubby underneath the cup-holder/shifter area in addition to the middle console storage & deep glovebox

His screen turns off completely and doesn’t automatically come back on when it feels like it

The radio doesn’t automatically come on when the car is started. Even if I mute mine before I turn Sophie (that’s my car’s name) off, when I start her she’s like “HI, WANT TO LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC!?!!” So annoying! You’d think with a simple software update they could fix that.

Joe was sad to say goodbye to his Escape but it’s nice having two cars with updated tech (like Android Auto and Apple Carplay) in them. The only thing his car is missing is heated seats, but it warms up quickly and with the dual climate control it’s not a big issue.

Looking forward to taking his car on vacation once the world stops burning.

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