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Clerks II / Carlos Mencia / DM

May 18th, 2006

I almost shit myself when I read on My Boring Ass Life that Clerks II is being released July 21st instead of August 18th like I originally posted. It’s one of those rare times where we’d like to see the movie on opening night, but there is always a 50/50 chance said night will fall on a weekend we have the kids and we wouldn’t be able to go. However, I am happy to report that July 21st is a non-kids weekend so I can now breathe easy.

Another event that we’re kid-free and able to attend is Carlos Mencia‘s stop on his Punisher tour, although he didn’t make it easy. I got an e-mail from his fanclub about the 50 cities he’ll be performing in, so I went to his tour schedule and didn’t see anything in Illinois at all (it’s since been added to the page). My friend checked Ticketmaster just for the hell of it and we learned he’ll be in nearby Rosemont on October 27th. We quickly decided we have to go together (Joe too, of course), so I held my breath and checked my Yahoo calendar to see if it’s a kids weekend, but it’s not. Ticketmaster was holding a pre-sale and my friend closed the page because it required a password. Those passwords are never that hard to figure out (in fact it was in the e-mail I received, I just hadn’t paid any attention and didn’t notice it until I looked at it again later), so I told her to try entering ‘punisher’ and sure enough, it let us in. We searched for the best available seats for three people and it put us way in the back. I’ve been to that theatre once before to see The Kids In The Hall and I didn’t want those crappy seats. Since we were at work, I decided to try it again later from home, but wouldn’t you know it, the pre-sale had sold out by then! Tickets officially go on sale this Saturday, so I’ll just buy them then. Sure hope I can get my butt out of bed by 10 am. ;)

Sometime last year we completely switched the kids weekend cycle to make things easier since their mom kept wanting to “switch weekends” and that always bites because it really means having to “double-up” which can quickly get tiring having a full-time job and wanting to just relax on the weekend. Ever since then, most adults-only events, although not all (sorry Kevin), have automatically fallen on a weekend we’re free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our good luck continues.

** Ticketbastard doesn’t get a link since I don’t get my $4.50 processing charge refunded for the cancelled Depeche Mode show. They told me it’s not their fault it was cancelled. Yea, well it’s not my fault either. I guess I should e-mail Dave Gahan and tell him I want my money back. ;)

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  1. kapgar
    May 19th, 2006 at 09:46 | #1

    * sniffle *

    I think I may have to get Katie to go out to Clerks 2 on opening night with me. We went to a sneak preview of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Dogma was an opening nighter as well. I think the last opening night movie we saw together was the third Harry Potter. I did see Revenge of the Sith on opening night, but without Katie.

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