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Cute animals

April 28th, 2007

This morning I was up at 8 am. Joey wasn’t as he spent the night on the couch. No, we didn’t have an argument. He just does that sometimes when he wants to stay up late watching tv and playing Warcraft. I did a little spring cleaning in my dresser and got rid of some clothes I never wear. I also tried on all my shorts to see which ones fit. Luckily, most of them! I washed them later in the day to remove the wrinkles and make them smell fresh. I’m ready for the 80 degree weather that’s heading our way. Bring it on!

Once Joe was fully awake, we made breakfast. I fried some tater tots and then came out really yummy. Diet? What diet? Yes, I fully realize I have no room to complain about my weight when I’m doing stuff like that. We also had fried eggs and toast. Although since we had a big breakfast I haven’t eaten much the rest of the day. Just one steak sopa for lunch and the small amount of turkey sausage and peppers that was left over from last night for dinner.

We decided to take advantage of the nice weather today and take pictures. We went to a forest preserve, Willowbrook Wildlife Center, and Cosley Zoo. Willowbrook had the cutest baby raccoons who were sleeping but I didn’t get any photos that came out due to the lighting and how dirty the glass was on their cage. Cosley wasn’t too crowded since it was close to closing when we arrived. Joe finds it a bit boring but there’s always something a little different when we visit. This time they had baby goats and sheep who were born earlier in the month. Total cuteness!

Baby goat

That was our day, just cruising around and taking pictures. Tomorrow we’re finally going downtown to The Shedd! We plan to also visit Millennium Park so I can finally get some pictures of the bean (aka cloud gate), but we’ll see what happens. I always have the best intentions when we go downtown but I quickly grow tired of the traffic and crowds and want to get the hell out of there.

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    Hmmm… I play WoW, too. Who knows? Maybe I’ve been playing with Joe and never knew it! :)

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