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Can I have your domain?

October 3rd, 2007

I got an e-mail the other day from someone that said, “Can I HAVE ‘domain name I’m not sharing here‘? I dont plan on making $ from it. Thanks.”

Seriously, who does that? Just because I may have that domain pointing to another site because I’m not yet sure what I plan on doing with it doesn’t mean I’m just going to give it to someone. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Ironically, the e-mail address of this person points to a site where he does try and make money. Based on my domain’s name, it could easily be used to point to his current domain to drive more traffic to his site. Who does he take me for, a moron? I haven’t replied to his ridiculous request, although I was tempted to write, “Sure, for $10,000 it’s yours”.

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