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Yay for Juno and Kohl’s

January 5th, 2008

We finally saw Juno today and I enjoyed it very much. My thanks goes out to the blogosphere for recommending it because otherwise I would have never known about it. I’m not in the loop on the movies lately thanks to the lack of tv programming and the fact we hadn’t been to the movies in awhile.

We did a little shopping after the movie and hit paydirt at Kohl’s: I got these two cute and colorful purses for $7.20 each which will be perfect come Spring/Summer, another pair of heavily discounted Isotoner slippers for upstairs (for anyone keeping track I now own three pair), and a super cute babydoll shirt I was unsure of when checking the price tag ($25) but happy about once it rang up ($14.40). Joe got three shirts and a zipper-down sweatshirt made of a super comfy sweater material.

As we were checking out, Joe grabbed a nearby Dunder Mifflin t-shirt and the cashier from the other register asked us if we like The Office and started chatting with us. He was all smiles and it was kinda weird, but flattering, because I think he wanted us both. ;) Our cashier was friendly enough but he kept his head down a lot, like he was shy. Now that I think about it, that was weird how both cashiers were guys (more like kids as they both looked really young) because it’s usually women working the registers at Kohl’s.

We had a big lunch at Portillo’s (I’m only just starting to feel a little hungry for dinner now, in fact) and went to the library to return the obscene number of CDs we borrowed a few days ago and check out more, then came home and cleaned. Joe took down the Christmas tree this morning so he vacuumed while I hit the bathrooms. He also mopped all the floors while I straightened up. I still have to do more organizing tomorrow but I’m too tired tonight. I’ve got seven loads of laundry to wash and that’s all I’m doing the rest of the night.

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  1. January 7th, 2008 at 06:39 | #1

    Oh Portillo’s!!! God bless a healthy appetite (not necessarily a healthy meal, but you get my drift).

    We were at Kohl’s yesterday as well (St. Chuck’s Mall, which one were you at?). I saw a cool Super Mario Bros end level T-shirt that I wanted. Didn’t get it though.

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