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Tank Tops & Easy Ravioli Bake

February 21st, 2008

I don’t have to go to work again until Tuesday, woo hoo! The sucky part? I still have to go out tomorrow – my employer is paying to send me to an intermediate Excel class. I probably know most of what will be taught, but I need to brush up before going to the expert class. :)

This week I purchased a total of 8 new tank tops. I know what you’re thinking, more tank tops? Well, in my defense, many of mine are too big now; not that I’m complaining! I found three at Meijer – white, powder blue, and black and white striped. Then at Kohl’s they had their $14 tank tops (yikes, who would pay THAT?) on sale for $7. I got black, green, and blue and white striped. They are the most comfortable tank tops ever! Plus they are long which I like now that my hips aren’t as big. So I went back today to get more but apparently the $7 price was only good over the weekend – they were $9 a piece. I got three more, though, because it’s hard to come across good tank tops and find them again (I’m looking at you, Old Navy). I got another black, a blue, and a red one. I’ve got all the colors of the rainbow now. Well, except yellow or orange because that’s way too bright for me.

I made this recipe from Betty Crocker last night and it came out real good. I like fast and easy meals. We polished it off tonight with an order of crazy bread from Little Caesar’s. It’s so good, it’s crazy!

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  1. February 22nd, 2008 at 17:44 | #1

    Hey thanks for stopping by. I like tank tops too. And what they cover … giggle


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