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Cooking all over the place

July 3rd, 2003

It all started out innocently enough – I came home from work and started working on the to-do list I had written myself. I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned my fish’s bowl, and cleaned the kitchen. While doing so, I picked up the bag of potatos we had bought. I inspected them, and sure enough, they had already started to go bad. I swear, they don’t last longer than a week in this place. But it’s cheaper to buy them by the pound, so we end up wasting them. We have nowhere that’s cool, dry, and dark to store them. Once we have a house, and a basement, that will be a thing of the past. But I digress.

So, I figured I’d try to salvage some. Only two were ok, so I peeled them, cut them up, and tossed them into water. I got online to look for a tempting recipe, but couldn’t find any. I was going to try my hand at potato salad, tomorrow being a prime BBQ day and all, but decided against it. I know what kind of potato salad I like, but that doesn’t translate to being able to make it. So I took the easy way out and fried them up with butter and onions.

While doing that, I got to thinking about this recipe I had bookmarked for broccoli and cauliflower casserole. I really really like it whenever it’s served at family functions, so I thought why not try it myself, so I got to it. Boy, did I make a mess! It’s not a simple little recipe, that’s for sure. But an hour, and several messy, but now clean, dishes later, and it’s almost done baking in the oven. It just better be worth the effort, not to mention fat grams!

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