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Frozen tires and Bingo

January 18th, 2009

Friday after warming up my car in my employer’s parking lot, I backed out of my spot and realized something was not quite right. I pulled into a different spot and checked the car, only to find that one of my tires had frozen flat! I have never seen anything like it.

I immediately called Joe who luckily doesn’t work very far from me and hadn’t left work yet. I headed back into my building to wait for him where one of the women joked that she wouldn’t trust her husband to change a flat. My husband is actually quite good at it and it wasn’t terribly long before the spare was on my car and I was able to drive home.

Unfortunately it did prevent us from meeting up with our friends for dinner as planned, but we were still able to make it to Bingo, so it could have been worse. Joe won a game, but just like the last time he won, had to split the pot with more than one person so we didn’t make much moolah unlike one of our friends who has won too big pots to date. And I swear if I hear said friend say, “don’t hate the player, hate the game” one more time, I’m going to hurt the player! ;)

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