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Windy City

August 15th, 2003

20030815-city_lights_t.jpg We just got home a little while ago from the city.

We took the L (Blue Line) into the city, transferred to the Red Line, and got off at Fullerton where we had lunch at the Red Lion Pub. We didn’t see any ghosts, but the food was good. Joe had fish and chips and I had a burger. I tried his fish and chips, though, and they were very good. Much better than the ones I had at Red Lobster awhile back.

Afterwards, we took the Red Line back to the Loop and walked down Michigan Ave. We bought tickets for the 7 o’clock tour on the Wendella around 6 pm, so we sat around for an hour waiting. It was worth the wait, however, because it got really crowded and we were the first in line.

The tour was great, and even though it was hazy out and we couldn’t see the sun set as planned, the view was still fantastic. Well, except for these two jerks who assumed that they could just stand in everyone’s way because they were apparently more important than everyone else who had waited patiently in line to get a legitimate seat. I kept getting their heads in my photos and I truly wanted to dump them overboard.

So anyway, we had a good time. After the tour we walked back to the Blue Line and took it back to Cumberland where we had parked ($1.75 to park for 12 hours … you can’t beat that) and drove home. I’m beat. Photos to follow sometime later this weekend.

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