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Lincoln Park Zoo

May 31st, 2009


Today we visited Lincoln Park Zoo. I didn’t realize until we arrived home that it’s been four years since our last visit. I guess that’s a testament to how much we stay away from the city. When I was younger I loved the city and spending as much time as possible in it, but now it just gets under my skin. It’s crowded and makes me feel claustrophobic. And parking is a nightmare. We couldn’t find any empty spots along Cannon Dr. which runs along the zoo, but did find metered spots along Clark St. It required a trip back to the car to feed the meter halfway through our visit, but it was worth it. Our total parking cost was $4 instead of $20+ in the zoo lot.

We would have preferred to visit the zoo during the week when it would have been less crowded, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Today was the first non-rainy day we were free. It got crowded quite quickly and as a result we weren’t able to see everything even though we visited all the animal houses. Guess we’ll have to visit again soon instead of waiting another four years!

I must say, I’m actually quite fond of the photo at the beginning of this entry. I think it’s the best one I took today of the over 230 photos I ended up with.

My other favorites from today:
Baby Chick

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