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Sweet Relief

June 19th, 2009

It’s so sweet that my husband allows me to verbally abuse him in order to blow off steam after a frustrating day at work (which lately seems to be every day). He is very understanding when I end up snapping at him due to the irritation that builds up all day; then I come home and he’s the only one around to lash out at.

Tonight he took it in stride and even took me to the mall so I could get some retail therapy. $40 later I had a cute powder blue hoodie from Kohl’s, and a bracelet, necklace, and lightweight cardigan from New York & Company. I feel much better now!

Hey, did anyone else get their coupon from Mars for the Real Chocolate Relief Act? I’ve been going to the site every Friday and yesterday I got two of the three coupons I requested. They are good until August 21st but I doubt they’ll last long. Chocolate is a nice stress reliever.

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