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September 21st, 2003

A long long time ago I used to buy cds on a weekly basis. That was back when money earned was strictly for enjoyment and I had a cd collection to build. Those times are long gone and most stuff that’s released is not worth buying in my opinion. In fact, 90% of the cds I’ve purchased in the past few years were released many years ago, including one that I thought I owned and didn’t. My coworker was asking if I’d make a copy of That Total Age by Nitzer Ebb because I mistakenly told her I own it. Turns out I don’t. Whoops. I mean, I have a copy on cassette, but I thought I also had the cd. When I broke up with my ex in 2000 we divided the cd collection and he got that one. I’m sure he bought it originally, but for some reason I considered it mine. Probably like how he considered my Letter To Elise (by The Cure) cd his (although he got that one too). But I digress …

So I set foot in a music store for the first time in awhile. The place is called Fye and is actually pretty cool. They have listening stations all over the place and all you have to do is scan the barcode of the cd you’re interested in and you get 30 second samples of every song on the album. I could easily see myself spending a good hour or more in this store due to this awesome setup. I’m always looking for good dance/techno/trance compilation cds but am weary of just taking my chance and hoping for the best. But Joe was getting bored right away in the store … so I’m thinking I might have to drag my music-obsessed coworker with me on a Thursday when Joe is with the kids and listen to some tunes. :)

The music store was in what is quickly becoming my favorite mall – Stratford Square. It’s much nicer (cleaner, less crowded) than the mall closest to us. We walked the entire mall which not only gave me the opportunity to shop (which I love), but also get some exercise in. I really want to go back there soon to paint some ceramic. They have this awesome store called Painted Penguin which has a huge selection and great prices. We checked it out a few weeks ago and one of the employees was telling me that the price tags indicate not just the price of the piece, but also include all the paint and time used to complete it. Now if only I could convince Joe how relaxing painting can be. :)

I finally found a pair of gym shoes. Sears had some nice Nikes and Joe got a pair too since the second one was 50% off. I bought some new Avias not too long ago but the glue used to make them was turning them orange so I sent them back to them to be replaced but I haven’t heard back yet. I couldn’t wait forever, so I got the Nikes.

Oh and when we were in Marshall Fields I noticed they also had the S’mores collection so I got one more I hadn’t seen before – a pirate with a trick or treat bag. Those things are just way too cute to pass up!

After lunch we went to the nature center to get some walking, and picture taking, in. The weather is so beautiful this time of year … high 60’s with a nice breeze. We walked around the largest trail and stopped along the way to take photos of the insects, mostly grasshoppers. At one point Joe was on the ground photographing a grasshopper when three boys rode by on their bicycles. One said something sarcastic like, “It’s only a fucking cricket”. What a punk. First off, who gives a shit what you think? And secondly, get an education. A cricket doesn’t look much like a grasshopper at all. What a fool. I hate young punks. I want to kick them off their bicycles and give ’em a wedgie. ;)

Oh yea … and my week long headache is just about gone. I’m not sure if it’s because I stopped taking the meds yesterday, or something else, but let’s just say I’m all better and feeling good.

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