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Someone take my credit card away

September 27th, 2003

It’s not quite over, but it’s already been a busy day. We started off our morning by dropping my car off at the Volkswagen dealership. Walmart Tire & Lube finally ordered my new rims and sent me a check to have them put on at VW. Can you believe that they originally expected me to have them do the work? Uh, I don’t think so … they are too incompetent! I will never take my car to them again.

So while we were waiting for them to work on my car, we went to Oakbrook Center. We don’t go there often, so it was a nice change. They have so many pretty fountains and flowers all around … it’s a unique shopping experience, especially on a beautiful fall day such as today.

We went to Sears first so I could get some socks. Then we noticed they had a big sale – 25% off apparel – so I got a new shirt for work. Joe had the cashier call the manager, however, when she told us the 25% off was for using the Sears card only. The signs in the store said 25% off, plus take an additional 10% off if you use the Sears card. The manager agreed that the cashier was wrong, so she rang up our items correctly.

We also looked around at Hallmark which has become one of my favorite stores. The older I get, the more I’m into decorating and all that, and Hallmark always has the cutest stuff. This time we only got a candle, though. Yankee Candle’s scent of the month is Macintosh which seems very appropriate for the time of year, so I got a tart for the tart burner. I was tempted by the snowman tart burner they had, but didn’t get it. That’s not to say I won’t get it next time, though!

We didn’t have breakfast this morning, so by the time all the restaurants opened at 11, we were starving. We ate at Houlihan’s since we’ve only been there once before. I really like that place … the food is great and the service is as well. I highly recommend it.

After lunch we headed over to the Container Store. I’ve been eyeing the big hook glass shelf for over a year, but really didn’t want to pay $32 for it. Since they were having a 25% off sale, it was only $24 so I got it. Joe pointed out that it might not work over our toilet as I envisioned, mostly because of the holes that would be left by the towel bar that’s currently there. So I might just hold onto it until we move. Either way, I’m happy we got it.

By the time we were finished shopping, my car had been at the dealership for almost three hours, so we headed over there thinking they were probably done (although they hadn’t yet called me like I asked). They weren’t quite done, however, so we had to wait awhile. I went over to the parts department and bought some touch-up paint and rim cleaner. After my car was done, I decided to also buy one hubcap since the one on my driver’s side front tire was peeling (the center part that snaps on over the bolts is made of plastic). So in the end, I think I spent $20 of my own money because the labor to do the wheels came out $14 lower than what Walmart sent me a check for so I just used that money for my paint and cleaner. I also entered the contest they’ve got going on to win $3000 worth of accessories for my car. That would be so sweet! I’d get nice expensive rims, all new rubber floormats, and the PhatNoise MP3 player they recently introduced. Cross your fingers for me. ;)

We came home to drop off my car and then rented a movie. We also stopped in Dominick’s to get some rice to go with the Chinese take-out we still have from last night. They never seem to give you enough rice. We also ran around the store looking to see how many products we typically consume contains aspartame. I don’t care what anyone says, I think it’s behind my headaches. So far my head feels better than it has in days and it’s because I haven’t drank any Diet Dr. Pepper. This explains why I was getting headaches at home but not at work – I only drink water at work. I usually have a can of pop with dinner, though. So call me crazy, say it’s just a myth, but I don’t believe you.

Little note: We’re watching the Cubs game on tv and they just zoomed in on a guy taking pictures with a Nikon Coolpix 995. Cool!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 27th, 2003 at 23:48 | #1

    If you’re looking for soda that doesn’t have aspartame, try Diet Rite. It’s made with Splenda and it comes in a bunch of flavors besides Cola…White Grape, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, etc. Diet V8 splash and the Crystal Lite that comes in the bottle are also made with Splenda (the Crystal Lite powdered mix has aspartame).

  2. September 27th, 2003 at 23:49 | #2

    Oops, sorry…that was from me.

  3. September 28th, 2003 at 09:34 | #3

    Diet Rite? Ew! Sorry, I can’t stand the stuff. Besides, who knows if Splenda is really safe either? I do appreciate your suggestion, however, I’ve decided that I would much rather drink regular pop occasionally than ever touch another diet drink again. Earlier generations didn’t have all this diet stuff and the majority of them weren’t overweight, so there’s no reason why we can’t maintain a healthy weight while eating the same foods that they did. We just have to focus on moderation, and of course, exercise.

  4. September 30th, 2003 at 16:01 | #4

    I’ve had a horrible allergy to Nutrasweet for as long as I can remember. It gives me migraines, so I too just decided to cut it out. These days, I’ll indulge in a sugared beverage every now and then, but more times than not, I just forego it.

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