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Sunday Bloody Sunday

October 5th, 2003

20031005-caterpillar_t.jpg My weekend feels backwards. Saturday we did pretty much nothing all day, and today we were out all day. I was up around 6 am, but didn’t get out of bed until 6:30 to take a shower. We got the kids ready and dropped them off at home, then went to Joe’s parents’. His dad made us breakfast while we chit-chatted. Then we cleaned my old rims and took pictures of them so I can sell them on e-bay (unless, of course, one of you is interested … then contact me). As Joe was setting up the first rim for me, we found a Woolly Bear caterpillar. Joe picked him up and placed him in my hand and he curled up into a ball. So I took him over to the bricks in front of the house hoping he’d unroll. Eventually he did, but not before pooping first. Apparently we literally scared the shit out of him. Ha ha.

We went to the mall to kill some time and get my mom a gift card for her birthday, then we went driving around in our old neighborhood. We were reminiscing about places we’ve been together when we first starting seeing each other. That town has so many memories …

We were going to go the Little Red Schoolhouse but they were having some kind of “thing” and the place was packed solid. There were cars parked on the side of the narrow two-lane road for at least a mile north of the place, so we nixed that idea. We ended up at Lake Katherine Nature Center. Their website stinks, but it’s a cute place. I’m not sure if they recently expanded, or if we just missed some of the stuff they have there the last time we visited over a year ago. In any case, they have a pretty waterfall garden with ducks, and we even came across a blue heron. I was shocked that it didn’t fly off when it spotted us. They also have a butterfly garden and lots of pretty flowers. We agreed we’d have to visit again in the spring.

We had lunch at The Pit. After our poor experience at Smokey Bones last week, I needed some good BBQ to make right with the world again. As always, the food was great. We headed over to my parents’ after lunch and ran into some traffic. We ended up getting off the expressway and ran into traffic anyway (although not as much). We actually got to my parents’ earlier than my mom asked us to, but she didn’t care. We spent most of the time there running up and down the stairs helping my brothers with their computers. My youngest brother bought a laser printer (same as ours, thanks to my recommendation), so Joe set that up. Then we just cleaned up their machines because they are download fiends and half their stuff doesn’t work right. My brother’s java is messed up and I can’t even download the newest version in an attempt to fix it. :p

I made good on my word and we left near 5 pm. My mom still doesn’t get why we hate staying over late on a Sunday night. I like to relax on Sundays. Usually by 4 pm I like to be at home unwinding. We also had laundry to do still which I didn’t want to be doing at 9 o’clock at night. So now we’re just relaxing with the Cubs game on. So far they’re winning!!!

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