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December 28th, 2009

It really sucks when you can’t hold back the feelings of irritation, annoyance, frustration, and depression for even an hour after arriving back at work after a week away. I have my first headache and incidence of acid reflux in over a week. Gee, wonder why. Anyway…

The weekend ended on a high note at least. Saturday we had our Christmas with the kids and it finally felt more like a holiday than it had all the other days combined. They loved their presents. E got a bunch of stuff like DS games, Nerf stuff, and a remote controlled Jeep and helicopter, and K got the iPod Touch she’s been wanting. Of course it wasn’t even 12 hours later she was bemoaning how she wants an iPhone. Kids, they’re never satisfied.

Yesterday we headed to the mall to browse the sales and check out the yogurt place that caught my attention. I ended up with some body mist from The Gap, a few items from Bath & Body Works (their after Christmas sale is better than the before Christmas sale), two games which the cashier sold to me for 50% off (even though one was only 30%) from a specialty store, and $100 worth of Pyrex (a 10 piece and an 18 piece storage set) for only $50 from Carson’s. Merry belated Christmas to me!

I told Joe he better do me proud for my birthday. It’s fine that we didn’t exchange gifts for Christmas, although in retrospect I did miss that thrill of opening something, but dammit, I want a fun birthday! And yes, fun equals presents in my book. I’m not completely selfish, just so you know. I did donate to the Humane Society since we had “extra” money by not buying each other anything. I just missed the traditional holiday where we see my family and open gifts. I even joked with Joe – “Do I have to pop out my own kids just to have a family holiday?” Although I don’t know what I’d do with them on non-holidays when I don’t want to deal with them. LOL! Next year if my family doesn’t want to get together maybe I can rent a family for the night. Hmmm…

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