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Catching up & 4-days off

April 24th, 2010

Last weekend we took the kids to Medieval Times. None of us has ever gone before, or had the desire to go. Boy is it cheesy! But I will say, it was pretty fun too. I can’t imagine ever having the desire to go back, though, given how expensive it is. It cost nearly $140 for the four of us and it’s not like the food is high quality. But the kids had a good time, even K who was not looking forward to it, so that’s a success. And even though our team didn’t win, at least we had the hottest knight. ;)

Monday Joe and I visited the dentist in the first time in… well, years. For him I think it’s been over a decade! For me it was closer to seven years, because I think I went to the dentist once since we’ve been together, but it was definitely before we moved to our current residence. All things considered, our teeth are in pretty good shape. He has two cavities and I have one – my first one ever! I guess that’s what I get for neglecting my not quite pearly whites. The assistant did my cleaning, but the dentist did Joe’s and Joe said the guy was giving him crap about having such good teeth because he’s not going to make any money off him. We have to schedule a followup to get our cavities filled which I’m not looking forward to doing. I’ll try to do it before another seven years pass at least.

We’re on day two of our four day weekend but this rain is souring our plans. Yesterday we were going to visit a few nature centers but was too gloomy. We ended up getting a hitch installed on the Escape so that we can buy a bike rack and go riding this year. We also took my car in for an emissions test. None of it was fun, but at least took a lot less time than we expected. Good thing too, because we had the hitch installed at U-Haul and they don’t provide any chairs, or even a waiting room. We just had to stand around the retail portion of their establishment. As for the emissions test, it took two minutes, literally. The guy tapped into the on-board computer and that was it. Nothing like how it used to be!

On the way back from our errands we got Whoppers for the first time in a long time. I have pretty much given up on Burger King because their food sucks ass these days. The fries haven’t been the same since they switched recipes and the Whoppers are usually cold. Luckily the one we stopped at was relatively busy so the food wasn’t bad, but we skipped the fries anyway. Later that evening we met up with friends to play Bingo. We usually go to a local church, but this time we visited a local American Legion Hall. It was nice, even though we didn’t win. The odds are better, though, because there’s about half the number of people there than are usually at the church. Plus the inside temperature is more comfortable and they have cushioned seats so my ass isn’t sore at the end of the night. And it starts a half hour earlier so we got out closer to 10 than 10:30. I’m thinking we’ll end up switching off between that place and our regular joint if we continue to go. I’m getting rather tired of never winning especially when three different people from the same table won last night.

It’s even crappier outside today than yesterday which is why we’re not at Joe’s brother’s house like we originally planned. Instead we stopped at a local arts & crafts fair in the morning. It was lame, though, so we went to the mall. I got a coupon for $10 off a $10+ purchase from Kohl’s and figured I’d buy some new clothes. I couldn’t find anything I liked that fit me, though, but Joe did. Story of my life. At least the coupon wasn’t wasted. We ran a bunch of errands, including getting some hair dye from the beauty supply store. I need to get my hair cut first, but I can’t decide if I should go with the same style but shorter, or add some bangs to the mix. The problem is I can’t stand the way hair on my forehead feels, but I do think I’d look better with bangs than without. It’s a tough decision because it’s going to take awhile for them to grow out if I decide I hate them. I might go with fringe bangs since they aren’t true bangs but might give my hair the lift it so desperately needs on top.

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