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So it begins

December 9th, 2003

20031209-001_t.jpg Phase One has began. Last night we went to Target and they had some cute lights for the windows for $5 each. So we got the two pictured as well as a light-up wreath, although I’m not sure if we have anywhere to put it. We also got some blue lights to go around the open area between the kitchen and dining room. There’s silver garland there too, so it’s all sparkly which is cool. We picked up a lot of lights this year, actually. Half of it we’re not even going to end up using, but I like to have choices.

I also decorated my cubicle at work. I’ve got green garland going around the top of the cubicle walls and lights hanging around the perimeter. I also have a “window” which I hung some cling-on stuff like candy canes and Christmas trees. I’ll have to take a picture and post it.

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