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Phase Two

December 13th, 2003

20031213-decorations_t.jpg As promised, here’s a picture of our patio decorations. I don’t want to go overboard, but I really think it’s still lacking and isn’t going to bring home first prize. First of all, we need more lights to go around the patio. The ones we bought, which change from green to red, didn’t reach. Then the area to the side of the patio is too dark as well. I’d also like to hang something on the brick wall, but those brick clips they sell won’t work because the mortar isn’t recessed. So what are your suggestions? It’s hard to tell since the white lights are blown out, but that’s Santa on the left and a snowman on the right with some snowflakes (which sparkle) on the bottom. *Sigh* I’ve never done this before, so your suggestions are appreciated. We’ve gotta win! I’m not a competitive person because I can’t stand to lose, so I hope we can think of something good.

P.S. We’re also going to remove that metal hook from the ground since it’s distracting. We contemplated putting red and white lights around it to make it look like a candy cane … but I can’t decide. :p

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