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December 26th, 2010

We had a nice Christmas with my family and the kids. We picked the kids up Friday evening and went to my parents’ for food and games. Many years in the past we had played something called Crazy BINGO, and this year we played Crazy Uno. All the prizes were numbered and inside was candy and money. E made out good winning $50 and K got $20. I was happy with my $10 and Dove truffles.

Christmas morning we ended up sleeping until 9:15 because someone (me) forgot to set the alarm. I set the alarm time, but I didn’t actually activate it, and it was easy to sleep late after going to bed around 2:30. We got home before midnight but I was wide awake and had fun looking for stuff for my new Kindle. I’ve probably messed around with it more than I’ve actually read on it so far, but that’s because I think it’s so cool. I even found an ePub version of Songwords (a book of Cure song lyrics) that someone on my favorite Cure fansite put together and expanded to include all the songs that they’ve released since the book has come out. It was easy to convert to the Kindle format using a free program called calibre. I’ve already added a handful of books, and a game, to my Kindle.

This morning I looked for a case at Target but wasn’t liking any of them. I looked online yesterday too but the only ones I like seem way too expensive when the case is a third of the price of the device, like this one which I really love. For now I will stick to my “homemade” case – a manila bubble envelope. But I digress …

After we tortured the kids by making them eat breakfast first, they opened their presents. K, of course, knew she was getting a new camera. She also got an iTunes gift card and a Discover gift card since she’s a bit difficult to buy for. E got many presents, but instead of listing them you can check them out in the photos below. The only item not pictured was a Sansa Fuze 4GB MP3 Player that was delivered after I had wrapped all the other gifts. Also, some of the presents shown are from my parents since we help them with the shopping.

I started on the ham early which was a good thing since it took a heck of a lot longer than the directions indicated. I really like Target’s Market Pantry spiral honey ham. It’s a decent price and it tastes good, plus it’s not huge since there’s only four of us. I made the regular sides – mashed potatos, corn, green bean casserole, mac & cheese, stuffing and rolls.

The rest of the day was spent with the kids playing with their new toys and us doing the same. We also played a few games of Aggravation which we usually do when the kids are over. In all, a very nice low-key holiday.

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