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Roller Skating

January 16th, 2011

Last night’s skating “party” was fun. I had invited about 12 people and 5 people and their spouses/friends showed up. I could not believe how crowded the rink was! I honestly didn’t think roller skating was popular anymore, but boy was I wrong! The rink was packed with people which kinda sucked because it was extremely difficult to navigate with everyone skating at different speeds. I used to be a pretty decent skater and I was getting into a nice groove but ended up falling at one point trying not to run into someone, and now my right knee hurts. It feels like it’s deeply bruised even though no visible bruise has developed yet.

Surprisingly, I didn’t end up with any blisters on my feet like I used to get, although it felt like it once the night was over. It’s probably because I didn’t skate the entire time due to the aforementioned crowd.

I need to find a rink that’s either bigger or that offers skate times that aren’t as crowded. We were joking that we should open our own duel-rink facility – one rink for the slow skaters and one for the fast ones. My friend remarked, “one for over 25 and one for under 25” to which I replied, “same difference”. The majority of adults there were practically clinging to the walls to stay upright. I liked that the walls were covered in a rug-like material because the rink I used to skate at was pure concrete and had these huge “speed bumps” separating the rink form the other areas which would make you trip.

One thing that sucked was you couldn’t request music from the DJ. They went a little heavy on the R&B and while I don’t mind some, I didn’t want to listen to it all night. In any case, I would definitely like to go skating again soon, and plan on scoping out the other rinks in the area once my knee heals. And maybe I’ll try using my roller-blades instead of renting skates because my blades are more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the tongue constantly moving over like on the skates. I had to reposition them every few minutes which was annoying.

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