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“Looking so long at these pictures of you”

January 11th, 2004

20040111-poy.jpg As some of you are aware, The Cure re-released Pictures of You on January 6th. I originally pre-ordered it from CD Universe but then cancelled it because I am cheap. I didn’t want to pay shipping on it and then pay for shipping again on the 27th when the b-sides box set I pre-ordered was released. I figured I’d just get both around the 27th to save the $3.

But then I found out that this single is really difficult to find because only a limited quantity have been issued, and no reprints will be made. I checked some local stores and every music store online that I could think of to no avail. So yesterday we’re at the mall and Joe suggested I check the FYE. Of course they didn’t have it. As we’re leaving, we passed a really tiny (FYE is easily five times bigger) Sam Goody store (aren’t they owned by the now defunct Musicland?) and he suggested I check there. I said, “Why bother? There is no way they’d have it.” He suggested I check just in case and wouldn’t you know it, they had not one, but two copies. So yea, I bought them both. Just think about how much this gem will go for on ebay down the road! I’m pure evil.

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