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Stupid Spammers

March 4th, 2004

Check out this spam I got in my Yahoo account yesterday:

Dear user of “Yahoo.com” mailing system, Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information. Please, read the attach for further details.

The Yahoo.com team

They attached a file which of course I did not open. I wonder how many people will fall for that one. Rule #1 – Any place that has an account in your name will never contact you and ask for your account information because they already have it!

I swear, the least the spammers could do is use a program like Word to correct their glaring grammatical errors.

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  1. March 6th, 2004 at 06:47 | #1

    there is an address at yahoo to fwd viruses like that…

  2. Candi
    March 13th, 2004 at 11:20 | #2

    Spam Assassin isn’t catching that one, either. Irritating! I’m sure there ARE tons of people falling for it. I’ve received quite a few emails about it. I’m going to mention it in the hosting newsletter, if I ever get around to sending it out.

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