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Some bad, some good

March 22nd, 2012

I’m a little peeved that Aziz Ansari is selling what he’s calling a “brand new standup special” for $5 on his website and it’s anything but. Perhaps it’s the first time it’s on film, but most reasonable people would expect it to be new material, not stuff from almost two years ago! Imagine my disappointment after downloading it and finding I heard all those same jokes in person in June 2010. I guess this is why Louis C.K. is king. He was the first to offer the $5 download option last December and it was all new material… and we had just seen him in June of the same year!


The conditioner pictured here is awesome. My scalp has been itching like crazy lately so I went to Whole Foods and found some SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free shampoo as well as this special soothing conditioner. At $9 a bottle it’s not cheap but not only has the itching almost disappeared after only four days of use but my hair has never felt softer. My hair isn’t falling out as much as before either.

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