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Wii redux

April 16th, 2012

What did the past two weekends have in common? We used our Wii more than usual after borrowing some games from the library.

Saturday the 7th Brother #2 came over and we played a game called Let’s Tap. It’s a really fun Guitar Hero like game except you turn the wiimote over, place it on a box, and tap the box to the beat of the trance music. You gain points according to accuracy and the intensity of your tap compared to the size of the note (bigger is a harder tap and smaller is a lighter tap). While playing there’s all sorts of visualizations swirling around in the background which can be distracting, but cool to watch if you’re not the one playing. There’s also a multi-player race where you’re a stick figure who has to navigate an obstacle course in a Tron-like setting. We really enjoyed that one. The games sells for $13 at Amazon so we might buy it.

For dinner we ordered Dominos which I used to abhor but their pizza really has improved lately. They had a deal going – 2 medium 2-topping pizzas for $5.99 each – so I got half a pizza made Hawaiian style (ham and pineapple) which was really good. I like the zesty pizza sauce they use and the Parmesan bites are damn good. I also love placing my order online and being able to dictate which toppings I want on which half of the pizza. They put PizzaHut to shame (although saying that doesn’t really express how much I enjoyed my pizza since PizzaHut sucks).

This past weekend we borrowed Just Dance 2 and Joe, E, and I had a blast “dancing” (if that’s what you call three uncoordinated people with no sense of rhythm) to all the great songs in there. It’s a fun new way to workout, and my arms are sore! It motivated me to break out the Wii Fit board yesterday which has been gathering dust for nearly a year. It was kind enough to remind me that not only did I fail to meet the weight loss goal I had entered a year ago but that I’ve gained weight since then. Ah well, maybe I can dance it off.

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