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Good Time

November 15th, 2012

I’m in a much better mood than yesterday. How can I not be? I only have one more day of work before Joe and I have 9 glorious days off together which couldn’t have come soon enough. This week has been rough – I worked 10 hours of overtime. I don’t like working extra hours because I value my free time but I keep reminding myself those long hours are going to make for a nice paycheck, which, if I wasn’t so practical, I’d put towards an iPad mini. I admit it – I want one. It’s the perfect size to keep in my purse. But I don’t need one, so I’ll hold off… for now.

I’ve got a lot of stuff planned for my week off, including finally redeeming the massage gift card Joe gave me last Christmas. I kept putting it off for when I’d feel less stressed but let’s face it, stressed is my middle name, so I’ve got an appointment for Monday for a one hour Swedish massage – my first ever. I hope it goes well.

Oh and that title? I’m listening to the latest Owl City album. It’s too easy to download music cheaply these days. I found a $5 MP3 credit for Amazon so the album only set me back $3.

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