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Cubbies Cold

May 8th, 2004

20040507-002_t.jpg It was a gloomy day in the city yesterday – cold, breezy, and humid. Not a recipe for a fun day at Wrigley Field. We parked Joe’s truck in his company’s parking lot and walked to the North/Clybourn el station, and rode the Red Line to the Addison stop to see the Cubs play the Rockies. I wish I could say it was an extremely enjoyable experience, but the weather really messed that up. It was so cold outside and there was a monster breeze to boot. We were under-dressed for the weather, as were many fans, and froze our butts off!

We managed to successfully resist the temptation to buy a $50 Cubs blanket, but it was hard. We did sip hot chocolate, however. It was the nastiest hot chocolate I’ve ever had the misfortune of drinking, but it was warm and served its purpose. The only saving grace was that the Cubs kicked some Rocky ass. Final score – 11 to 0. Woo!

Someone remind me next year to only get tickets in the heat of the summer. Either that, or bring gloves, ear muffs, and winter coats. I wish I was only joking.

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