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4:30 am

April 8th, 2003

This is so odd. For the past two weeks, I wake up at 4:30 am. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, I’m up at 4:30 am. Of course, I go back to sleep, but it’s still very odd. When we moved the clocks forward an hour on Sunday morning, I woke up at 5:30 am which was really 4:30 am. And then it went back to 4:30 am every morning. Care to venture a guess as to why it’s always the same time?

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  1. April 9th, 2003 at 01:19 | #1

    I’ve always been able to wake myself up at a certain time, just by thinking about it sometime before I went to sleep. So maybe you woke up a few times and noticed it was the same time and because you’re thinking about it and how odd it is, it keeps happening.

  2. April 9th, 2003 at 02:01 | #2

    I agree, that’s probably what’s happening. I first noticed this in high school – I would always look at whatever clock or watch was nearby right on 10:37 on the freakin’ dot, every single morning. It was because it had happened coincidentally a few times, I noticed it and thought it was odd, and then it started happening all the time.

    I’ve been able to set my “internal alarm clock” and I bet you can, too. A key for me breaking the habit of always waking up at a certain time in the middle of the night was to turn the clock away before going to bed so if I did wake up in the night I wouldn’t see what time it was. Not only has that worked for me, I’ve just made it a habit to not have any clock visible when I go to bed, period. If I wake up and really must know what time it is, I can turn the clock toward me.

  3. April 9th, 2003 at 22:20 | #3

    Ironically enough, I didn’t wake up at 4:30 am last night. I woke up around 2 am and that was all.

    Paul – I know I shouldn’t look at the clock, but there’s no better feeling than checking the clock and realizing I still have several hours of peaceful slumber before I have to attend to the daily duty of working. :p

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