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Lotto Dreams

November 18th, 2013

This is just a fun little day-dreaming post where I list all the things I’d do if I won the lotto, in no particular order:

Pay my parents’ bills so they could live comfortably without worry.

Put money aside for my disabled brother so he could live comfortable without worry.

Put money aside for my other brother just to be fair. ;)

Take my stepson to Disney World.

Purchase a moderately larger home (about 2000-2500 square feet; nothing crazy big) with a full finished basement with a game room (specially a poker table, an air hockey table, a pool table, and a dart board) and at least a few acres of land so I could have a pool as well as put in a large detached mother-in-law suite where I’d foster cats waiting to be adopted.

Purchase an RV so we can travel the U.S.

Buy new carpets and a shower curtain for the master bathroom.

Buy this camera lens for my SLR.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 & an iPad for my stepson.

Buy myself an iPad mini.

Buy my husband a PS4 & Xbox 1.

Travel to Ireland, England, and Australia.

Donate money to charity.

Buy a new 65″ Samsung Smart TV for the living room.

Volunteer at the local library working in the computer lab once I grew tired of traveling.

Buy a new more comfortable mattress.

Buy a new car, but nothing over $30k.

Get a dog, and possibly some lizards & frogs as I think they are cool pets.

P.S. The above doesn’t list the fact that I wouldn’t brag to anyone about my good fortune (mostly out of fear that I’d never know who my true friends were and/or someone who try to harm me or my family) and I’d invest my winnings wisely so I’d never have to worry about money again.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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