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Sunday Brunch catchup

August 20th, 2004

Just catching up on the Sunday Brunch

Sunday, August 15

School Days

1. Did you like or dislike high school? Disliked it. It was better than grammar school, though.

2. Walk to school, ride the bus or catch a ride with someone? I took the bus to school until I got a driver’s license and then sometimes I would drive to school.

3. What was your favorite subject? Advanced Algebra and Honors English. :)

4. When it came to doing homework, did you do it right away, wait ’til the last minute or just do it whenever you felt like it? I usually did as much as I could at school, otherwise I’d put it off when I got home.

5. Would you go to your high school reunion? Probably not. It’s this year and I haven’t responded to the request through classmates.com. I didn’t like a lot of people back then, why would I care about them now?

Saturday, August 7

Another This and That

1. How do you like your eggs? Sunny-side up or scrambled.

2. What do you collect? Cure albums on vinyl.

3. Do you carry a purse, backpack or briefcase on a regular basis? If yes, does it contain only the essentials or a whole lot of everything? I carry a purse primarily to work. It has makeup, my wallet, my camera, cellphone, keys.

4. When is the last time you’ve read a book, put together a puzzle, built something or did something crafty? About two months ago I painted a butterfly to hang on my cubicle glass window.

5. What was the highlight of your weekend? Buying a house we didn’t want, and getting out of it.

Sunday, August 1

Amusement Parks

1. Which amusement park is your favorite? Disney World.

2. Are you the kind of person who loves to go on most rides or just a select few? A select few. I don’t like anything that makes my stomach do somersaults.

3. What is the scariest ride you’ve ever been on? A rollercoaster, although I can’t remember which since they all scare the crap out of me.

4. Do you prefer rollercoasters, water rides or the kind that go round and round? The round and round kind. The scrambler is my favorite.

5. What is the longest amount of time you would stand in line to get on a ride? An hour.

Sunday, July 25

Goin’ On Vacation

1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when traveling? Car.

2. If you had the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Australia

3. Have you ever been to another country? Yes, England.

4. If time were not an issue, how long would could you stand to be away from home? Probably only a month. I always get homesick.

5. What is the funnest or most interesting trip you’ve taken? Our trip to Arizona and California was the best because I never visited the West Coast or seen an ocean before.

Sunday, July 18

It’s All About Me
1. Do you or should you wear glasses or contact lenses? Contacts.

2. What is your favorite type of footwear? Gym shoes.

3. What is your worst habit? Biting the skin around my nails (hey, at least it’s not my actual nails … I finally broke that habit).

4. Are you an average, so-so or very good cook? I’d say I’m average. I usually follow a recipe and don’t play around too much with different spices, but the food always comes out tasting good.

5. Do you spend more time watching television, listening to music or surfing the internet? It’s a tie between watching tv and surfing the internet since I do the two simultaneously most of the time. I listen to music a lot at work but not very much at home.

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