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We’re gonna need a bigger boat

August 20th, 2004

Last week I suddenly got the desire to see Jaws again. Luckily, the library had it on dvd. Then as luck would have it, I found out that AMC was playing Jaws II this evening. And now I’m watching Orca which I’ve never seen before. The funny thing is, tomorrow E! is doing a True Hollywood Story on Jaws and a blogger just posted a link to the newest re-enactment of Jaws by bunnies. How goofy that I get the desire to see it and now it seems to be everywhere. Must be that new movie, Open Water, that has not just me, but everyone else, thinking about Jaws again. Because that was a good horror movie for its time. Now I need to see parts 3 (my favorite) and 4. :)

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  1. August 24th, 2004 at 09:39 | #1

    I was taking swimming lessons when Jaws came out. The Mominator signed me up for 8 AM classes on a Saturday morning.

    The first class was just me and the instructor. Mary the Meanie.

    I imagined she had her own Jaws that she’d release into the pool whilst I was swimming laps. Yikes. Luckily I was put into another later class with other kids.

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