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Omaha Steaks

May 17th, 2014

The weekend before last when E was over we decided to take our Omaha Steaks gift cards over to a store and cash them in. With a coupon in hand, plus a buy one get two free deal for new customers, we made out! We spent $90 (we had $110 worth of gift cards so nothing was out of pocket) and came home with:

27 burgers
8 jumbo hot dogs
4 polish sausages
4 twice baked potatos
2 filet minons
2 new york strip steaks
20 chicken cordon bleu bites
4 boneless chicken breasts

So far we’ve only eaten 4 hot dogs and 2 hamburgers; we’ll be eating good for a few months! I would have never even considered buying from Omaha Steaks if it wasn’t for the gift cards, but now I’m going to be bummed that we won’t be able to afford them in the near future.

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