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Memorial Day Weekend

May 26th, 2014

Another fantastic weekend is over. It never lasts long enough!

We ended up making two trips to the mall within two days, as well as Bed Bath Beyond and IKEA, looking for a new mattress and some nice bathroom rugs and came up empty-handed on the mattress count. There’s just too many options and based on all the reviews I’ve read, none of them are fool-proof. I’m not even entirely convinced we need a whole new mattress as ours is only about seven years old. It has individually wrapped coils with a pillow-top so it cannot be flipped and it’s been steadily getting more and more uncomfortable. We might be fine getting a decent memory foam topper for it. I found one with excellent reviews on Amazon for only $130. If it works, we just saved well over $1000 since the two mattresses we were considering, a memory foam from Sears, or a Sleep Number Bed w/ memory foam from QVC, were $1500 & $2250 respectively. If not, we wasted only $130. At this point it seems worth the gamble.

As for the bathroom rugs, we decided to redo the master bath and chose matching towels, rugs, and a shower curtain from Target two weeks ago. We decided to go with something bright and settled on a lime green (technically guacamole according to the tags). Once we got everything home, however, I was disappointed. The towels are thin yet shed a ton, and the rugs weren’t nearly as thick as the ones we had for the past decade. We couldn’t take the towels back since they had been washed, but I ended up returning the rugs (and a really old Chefmate tea kettle after learning it had been recalled).

We hit a bunch of stores over the weekend looking for similar-colored rugs to no avail. Why is it that stores offer a ton of different towel colors but hardly any matching rugs? So annoying! Kohls had memory foam bath rugs on sale so I bought one, went back to Target and repurchased the rugs I had returned (which were now on sale, huzzah!), and put the memory foam rug underneath the rug in front of the sink so it’s more comfortable. Not the classiest solution, particularly because the memory foam rug is smaller than the Target one, but there wasn’t much choice.

We also decided that after thirteen years together we’d buy our first toaster. We’ve always used a toaster oven but it takes forever to make decent toast so we picked up a toaster at Target today. I’m looking forward to trying it out next weekend (which is the next time we plan on making toast).


In-between all the shopping we visited my family on Sunday with E in tow. We grilled burgers and hot dogs and celebrated Memorial Day one day early. We also played a lot of Taboo since E is addicted to it. I don’t blame him, it’s a real fun game!

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