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FedEx sucks and so does my spice rack

September 16th, 2004

What’s the point of being able to track a FedEx package online when it takes them several hours to update the status? That’s just retarded. For some reason I had a feeling their site wasn’t on top of things and stopped by the rental office on the way home and sure enough, my package was there, and had been there since noon, even though when I checked the status before I left work at 4:30 pm, it still just said “out for delivery”. I guess UPS really is better. Their site is constantly updating. In fact, I do believe last time I was keeping track of a package, the status updated a mere five minutes after it was delivered.

I was really excited to get my stuff, which was the wire mail holder and matching spice rack I mentioned in some previous post. But guess what? The majority of my spices do not fit on the shelves because they are too tall! Waaaah! Apparently they expect everyone to buy the more expensive McCormick brand spices, which do fit, instead of the $1 spices from Walmart. I should have paid more attention to the measurements. Damn! I guess now I have to buy the McCormick ones and when they run out, just refill the bottles with the cheap stuff. What a pita.

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  1. September 18th, 2004 at 12:12 | #1

    You eat a lot of pita bread on this site…

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