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Polish Food & Heros

November 9th, 2014

Saturday evening we met my cousin and her longtime boyfriend at a polish buffet, Warsaw Inn, that my family used to frequent when I was younger. The last time Joe and I had been there was when my youngest brother graduated high school ten years ago. The place hasn’t changed a bit. It got packed quite quickly, but we took our time trying out different foods and just chatting for about two hours. It was really nice because we’ve never really hung out with either of them outside of holiday gatherings or funerals. Now they want to meet up again soon to visit Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I hear it’s pricey but I’ve been wanting to try it out and Discover card offers a gift card with our cash back rewards so that will make their crazy prices easier to swallow.

After dinner Joe and I went to my parents’ house to visit. We played some board games, and despite making fun of it, I tried a slice of Little Caesars’ Soft Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza that my mom and Brother # 1 had brought back to the house. And it was so good I had a second slice. I guess I was totally wrong judging that pizza before trying it because as disgusting as it looked on the commercials I keep seeing, it was quite tasty.

Sunday morning we headed to an early matinee of Big Hero 6. Lately my favorite movies are animated and this one gets a 5-star rating from me. Stay until after the credits for a bonus scene!

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