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New Years

January 5th, 2015

Well, it was definitely last minute, but I was able to get my home sleep study in before the new year! Tuesday after work I picked up the equipment and slept with all this crap strapped to me that night to measure my breathing and whatnot. I slept like shit thanks to that and some stuff going on with Joe’s son that had my mind going at 120 mph.

After work on New Years Eve we returned the equipment to the sleep center and had dinner at a favorite nearby Thai restaurant (Happy Elephant) which we don’t get the opportunity to visit often enough. I think their main entree prices may have gone up, though, and I didn’t feel that the portions were large enough considering. I think I’d stick to their crab rangoon in the future as they are AMAZING. Hands down the best crab rangoon I’ve ever had.

After dinner we headed over to my parents house to ring in the new year with them and both my brothers. We worked on my parents new computer briefly and then ate a second dinner. We also got a chance to play Aggravation which we haven’t done in awhile. We didn’t end up leaving until a little after midnight.

We slept in on New Years Day but eventually made our way to the mall in the early afternoon so I could cash in on my free birthday burger at Red Robin. We also hit up Kohls as is our tradition but neither of us ended up buying anything. In fact, we didn’t end up spending anything at all since I also had a gift card for Red Robin.

I feel like I’ve lost the ability to shop just for the sake of shopping which is definitely a good thing for our bank account. It’s not like I need more jewelry or clothes anyway. I’m glad I’m so picky or I probably would spend more.

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