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Krampus Mattress

December 11th, 2015

Last weekend Joe had to work Saturday but got home shortly after E’s mom dropped him off at the house. Joe wanted to see a movie so we took our chances and braved the mall on a Saturday afternoon (the movie was at 2:15 pm). At first it wasn’t crowded at all but slowly the theater filled up. We didn’t have anyone right next to or in front of us, though, which was nice. However, there were a group of teenager girls all the way down our row to my left who would not sit still for a second. They were changing seats, talking, and looking at their phones the entire hour and a half. Is this what the world has come to – people lacking anything resembling an attention span? Seriously, why pay to see a movie if you’re not even going to watch it? Not to mention how rude it is to look at your bright phone screen in a dark theater. Ugh! It’s getting harder and harder to enjoy time out in public when it seems as if at least 50% of the people we come across are rude as all hell. I almost wish I were just as rude because then maybe it wouldn’t bother me. But I’m cursed with this sense of consideration for others. Damn me!

Anyway, the movie itself, Krampus, was ok. Not nearly as scary as they tried to make it look in the previews. It also started off slow. I think it was half over before anything even happened. E and I enjoyed joking about the movie title, though. I have a krampus just thinking about it. ;)

Sunday we bought one of those egg crate looking mattress toppers to add to the memory foam topper already on our brand new mattress. My worst fear has come true – I hate the new mattress and feel we overpaid for what we got. It’s too firm and uncomfortable. Lesson learned – we need a pillowtop. Everything I’ve read says a firm mattress offers more support but all I have is a backache and wake up at least once every night, although that hasn’t happened since adding the second mattress topper. So ridiculous, though, to spend $1500 on a mattress and another $17 for a shitty Walmart topper for it to be comfortable (the memory foam topper we purchased from Amazon last year cost approx $120). Hopefully the inflated price tag of the new mattress will at least ensure a stable frame for the next decade or so. Otherwise I’m buying a $200 mattress every two years and calling it a day. I’d return our mattress if we could but that ship has sailed. We had 30 days and would have had to exchange it for something the same price or higher AND pay a $140 fee for the “privilege”. Ugh! I should have went with my gut and ordered a Casper mattress online. At least they offer a 90 day trial and 100% money back guarantee. Expensive lesson learned. And this, folks, is why I HATE shopping for a mattress.

Wednesday Joe’s car battery died and he was temporarily stranded at the gas station near his work until one of his coworkers came to rescue him. The battery was so dead that even a jump couldn’t get it started. He bought a new battery at Walmart and that solved the issue. His car is eight years old and the battery had never been replaced so we really can’t complain. It was just crappy timing. I’m just glad it was only the battery and not the starter. We were also still able to make it to E’s concert later that evening. It was a combined one with the various school bands and chorus, choir, whatever they call it where they played a lot of holiday songs. One of the songs, performed by an all-male group, included “serenading” a female teacher including getting on their knees in front of her with flowers in their mouths. Personally, I found it appalling. Half the place is laughing and cheering and I’m just sitting there thinking this is wildly inappropriate. I’m not a prude by any means but the whole thing made me extremely uncomfortable.

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