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BINGO, Bar, Meetup & Chocolate Expo

February 8th, 2016

What a busy weekend! It was fun busy, though!

Friday night we met up with friends at Portillo’s followed by BINGO at the nearby church. One of the girls won $15 and the other won $500! She wanted to celebrate so we went to a bar where she bought us all a round. I tried a new drink my other friend ordered for me which tasted like a slurpee. I think it had blue vodka in it but I really don’t remember what it was called. We didn’t end up going home until 1 am. It was a great time. I love this group of people and wish we could get together more often.

Instead of checking out a craft show Saturday morning as planned we decided to sleep in and make breakfast burritos. Then we did a little grocery shopping, including Costco where I bought this delicious dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

The bag was $10 but ounce for ounce it’s cheaper than Ghiradelli and light years more delicious.

Saturday evening we attended our second ever Meetup for a game night at a pizza place in Villa Park. We already had pizza the night before (Joe got the munchies at the bar and ordered a large pizza at the place next door since they deliver to the bar) so we ate a little lighter. Joe got a salad and I had a grilled chicken sandwich, both of which were good. The evening started out a little awkward (the host wasn’t that great about introducing people) but once everyone was finished eating and started playing games the conversation flowed more easily.

There was this one girl sitting to my right who I tried making conversation with but she’d answer me without making eye contact and not do anything to keep the conversation flowing. I thought maybe it was her first meetup and she was nervous, but she said no, so I’m not sure if she has a hard time socially or she just didn’t like me. I gave up after multiple attempts to be friendly with her. I’m the kind of person who will only make so much effort before my attitude is f you.

There were two women who sat at the end of the table to my left who were much friendlier so we ended up forming a group with them and another guy and girl to play Rummikub and Sequence before personally deciding to call it a night at 9 pm. The meetup space was reserved until 11 pm but I was just too tired from the night before and couldn’t stop yawning! I was in bed by 10:30.

Sunday morning we ate a quick breakfast at McDonald’s before checking out the Chocolate Expo at the arboretum.

Chocolate Expo

We ended up buying a chocolate covered Twinkie which was delicious, as well as a chocolate covered jalapeño, a peanut butter cup, and a mini bundt cake.

Chocolate Overload

I ate the twinkie last night and it was delicious. The rest of the snacks will probably be eaten after dinner tonight.

Recently I purchased a few new shirts on clearance at Target, including a rather clingy cowl neck thin sweater.


I sent a photo of me wearing it to my cousin.


I paired it with a pair of fleece lined black leggings I got at Walmart for $9 and my knee high black boots and wore the outfit to the Expo. Needless to say, Joe couldn’t keep his eyes, or hands, off me. We ended up going out for some boneless wings for lunch just so he could stare at me longer since he knew once we were home for the rest of the day I’d end up changing into my pajamas (e.g. my fleece Star Wars pants I can’t stop wearing). I love how after 15 years he still makes me feel sexy.

Sunday evening, as everyone knows, was the Super Bowl. I couldn’t care less about football but I joined Joe on the couch to catch the commercials and half time show. My fave commercial was Ryanville, although I did miss some so I’ll have to check YouTube. I made jalapeño poppers, toasted ravioli, and guacamole to snack on. I didn’t eat much since I was still full from the wings I had for lunch.

I also tried to watch the Puppy Bowl (muted) via the Xfinity app on my iPad but that was an exercise in futility. First I realized that despite scheduling it to record on the DVR several days prior, there wasn’t any evidence of it on the DVR. I only missed the first half hour so I started the recording, waited another half hour, and attempted to watch it but it froze up and crashed multiple times so I gave up. I swear the Xfinity app is such garbage! I often pull up an episode of Dateline or 20/20 when I’m cleaning on Mondays so I can listen and not once has the experience been seamless. The show will randomly pause and I have to stop what I’m doing to press play which is annoying since the iPad will be in a different room than the Bluetooth speaker I keep with me while I clean.

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