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Weekly Recap: 04/19-04/21

April 23rd, 2016

Thought you’d like to know that the homemade pizza we made on Monday came out awesome. We tried to make a copycat version of MOD Pizza‘s Lucy Sunshine which has garlic and artichokes with dollops of red sauce. While ours wasn’t an exact replica, it was yummy enough that we’d definitely make it again. It cost approximately $7 to make and was larger than the 11″ pizza MOD sells for almost $8.

The work week was rather uneventful other than how positively sore I was on Thursday from weight lifting on Monday. I really didn’t think I pushed myself that hard so I was surprised how much my triceps were hurting. They didn’t bother me too much on Tuesday or Wednesday so that came as a shock. They hurt pretty bad on Friday too and finally started feeling normal again on Saturday.

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