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Brookfield Zoo

May 23rd, 2016


It’s been a few years since we visited Brookfield zoo so Joe snagged free passes from the library on Thursday thanks to the Museum Adventure Pass program in Illinois. We debated what day to visit since the passes are good for a week and settled on Monday thinking it wouldn’t be too crowded since many kids are still in school and it’s too late in the year for field trips. Boy were we wrong! I’ve never seen so many kids – it was ridiculous. The line to get into the zoo was the longest I’ve seen considering we got there just as it opened. Usually the early bird gets the worm but not this time. I’m not sure if that’s because they don’t open until 10 am but I think we would have been better off going on a Sunday.

Despite wanting to leave the second we got there, we braved the crowds since it cost us $11 for parking. We didn’t go into all the animals buildings, however, since that’s where the highest concentration of screaming kids and strollers could be found.

Every time we visit the zoo I feel more and more sorry for the dolphins. They have the most unimaginative tank to swim around in. There’s absolutely nothing in it – just a concrete tank for these amazingly intelligent creatures. It feels cruel and I waver between loving seeing the animals to hating that my patronage pays for them to have such unfulfilling lives. Anyway…

We skipped the section that has the red pandas because it’s $3 to get in and more likely than not they’d be asleep. Plus my friend went recently and they don’t really have an exhibit that’s conducive to photography.

I was happy to get a photo of an animal I’ve never seen before called Prevost’s Squirrel. Isn’t it cute?

Prevost's Squirrel

I also got a decent photo of the snow leopard with his eyes open!


My favorite section of the zoo is the giraffe exhibit because it’s huge and I love how quiet and gentle the giraffes are. I could watch them for hours. This one was cracking me up with his long tongue.


I don’t remember there being pelicans at the zoo before but there was a whole group of them by the pond near the south entrance.


Despite wanting to take our time and enjoy the weather, we couldn’t help but be done with the place in two hours. I think next time we’ll try arriving at 2 pm to see if that goes any better. Maybe by then a lot of people, particularly school groups, will be heading home.

Or maybe the zoo could consider having an adults only day? Yea, I know, it will never happen because it wouldn’t be very profitable. But boy would it be nice not to have little kids running into me and almost getting mowed down by strollers. Plus adults go stupid when they’re with their kids. How else can you explain all the grown people standing directly in front of the doors to the restrooms blocking foot traffic?

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