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4th of July

July 4th, 2016

Yesterday was quite the busy family-oriented day for us.

First we stopped at K’s new apartment* to drop off some things for her, including an armoire that used to be in E’s room in our home (he actually helped Joe move it into her place thankfully because there was no way I would have been able to move it up a flight of stairs). We also gave her some drinking glasses, a bunch of picture frames, and some Disney keychains – all of which we had tried selling at our garage sale to no avail. We’re happy for them to find a new home with someone we know instead of a complete stranger since they were destined to be donated. We also gave K a house-warming gift which included some cupcakes I had baked earlier, a card, and a bunch of gift cards (Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panda Express).

After hanging out at K’s new place for awhile, we went to Starbucks to meet E’s girlfriend’s (hence forth known as KC) mom. She wanted to meet us before allowing her daughter to come to our house with E which we can understand. She was/is very nice and we enjoyed getting to know her. She added us both on Facebook later that evening too so we can easily keep in touch. I hope now that we’ve met, KC will be able to come over since Joe has K and her boyfriend (hence forth known as ES) coming over in a few weeks for a game night and we’d like E and C to be there too.

After Starbucks we went to my parents to celebrate the holiday a day early. We brought corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and cupcakes and my mom had a ton of food as always. We stuffed our faces and then played croquet using my grandparents’ old set which I had inherited. That game is boring, but my mom wanted to play so we humored her. We then played badminton which is always fun. At some point after having dessert we played one game of Aggravation. We started late so by the time we left we were pretty tired.

Today we haven’t done much but chill out and listen to music and eat some leftovers from last night.

Edited to add: We received a $30.04 check from AT&T in the mail for a class action lawsuit regarding taxes collected on their invoices. Sweet!

* K and Joe reconciled recently (they hadn’t spoken in years) and she just so happened to have moved in with her boyfriend this week in the same apartment building where her maternal grandparents live. Two apartments down, in fact.

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