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Boob Smash Day

September 11th, 2016

Friday I had an appointment for a routine mammogram which our insurance will cover 100%. I’ve had two previously but always at the hospital, however with the new insurance I had to go to a radiology place instead. I actually preferred this new place because you just partially undressed in the exam room and then they did the scans and you could leave. At the hospital you had to undress, put your belongs in a locker, sit in a room full of other women with gowns on, and then wait your turn. It ended up being a two hour process whereas at this place it was a half hour.

We also discovered a locally famous bakery (called Jarosch Bakery) was next door to this place so after my scan we went to take a look and ended up buying a cupcake, a loaf of cinnamon bread, and a Bears sugar cookie. The prices are rather high and I wasn’t terribly impressed with anything. I prefer Pepperidge Farm’s cinnamon bread, actually. I remember hearing they have really delicious cakes, though, and that’s when I remembered that people would bring them in at my old job for special events. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where our bridal cake came from.

After the bakery we went to our favorite Thai place, Happy Elephant, where we shared an order of potstickers and happy wraps.

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