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Monday Happenings

October 11th, 2016

Yesterday was such a nice day. We did a little window shopping at Pier One and JoAnn Fabrics just because I love looking at all the fall and Halloween decor. It was surprisingly fun even though we didn’t buy anything. Pier One had more Christmas stuff than Halloween which (as it always does) irked me. Why does Christmas have to steamroll all the other holidays? I mean, look at this display.

Pier One Christmas Stuff

That was one of several where in contrast there was only one Halloween display and it was all ugly discounted stuff.

We also went to ULTA so I could look for a hair dryer since mine no longer works and I’ve been using my travel hair dryer for the past week. They didn’t have any good ones for $20 or less so we went to Walmart where I had found one I liked for $20. Unfortunately both boxes were opened, so I will just order it online from Amazon.

We made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works so I could use my coupon to get a free pocket hand sanitizer. I sampled a bunch of scents but ended up going with one I know I like – Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Sanitizer

That place makes so much money – even when it’s on sale it’s not cheap, and I was the only person in the relatively long line who wasn’t buying a bunch of stuff. We went to Walmart afterwards where I bought some cute Halloween themed hand soaps for the master bathroom and kitchen. They were were only $0.99 and smell pretty good for the price.

Halloween Softsoap

Once we got home we put some of our Halloween decorations up outside and then Joe shampooed the carpeting in the rat room and the loft as well as the stairs. He shampooed the workout room and our master bedroom last week so only the living room is left to be done. The carpeting in our bedroom, workout room, and loft has never been shampooed so it really needed it even though we don’t wear shoes in the house.

While he was cleaning I decorated for Halloween which was fun. Joe put up the 3D bats we had purchased at Target a few weeks ago over the mantel.

Halloween Mantel

Overall I like how everything looks (even if some of the bats keep falling down). After taking this picture I added some black and purple garland behind the figurines and I think that looks better.

The weather was beautiful so we had the windows open. I’m going to miss these nice days when it’s cold out! Other than my back bothering me it was the perfect day.

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