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Arizona – Sunday, November 13

November 14th, 2016

For some reason I was up at 4:30 am so I had to wait for everyone else to get up before getting ready because I didn’t want to wake anyone up (T was sleeping on the living room couch). Once it was safe, I took a shower. OMG I had forgotten how small it is in there! You can barely turn around.

Joe, T, and I went to the Mesa Swap Meet (just like seven years ago, lol) where we took advantage of their cheap #2 breakfast. I ended up buying a wallet since my makeshift one, which is really a business card holder I got at Staples several years back, is falling apart. Luckily it was only $5 because it really doesn’t hold everything the way I wanted. Unfortunately I had to wait til we got home to figure that out since I didn’t bring my full wallet on vacation. Oh well.

Afterwards we stopped at the Dollar Tree for a shower caddy since it’s a bit of a walk from T’s room to the bathroom and there’s no room in the bathroom to actually keep all our stuff there. Well worth the $1 to buy something and then throw it out once our vacation is over.

We ended up going to Gilbert for lunch at a place called Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles. We each ordered the Betty Boob which is a single piece of chicken and a waffle, both of which were delicious.

Betty Boob

The waffles have a distinct cinnamon flavor which Joe and I liked more than T did. We also shared an order of Stupid Fries which were awesome as well although I could have done without the chicken on them. The gravy and peppers made it tasty enough.

Stupid Fries

I love how all the restaurants have ample outdoor seating since the weather was perfect. The entire block was just one trendy restaurant after another and everyone was just having a great time, including us.

That evening we had dinner at the trailer – Joe’s mom made turkey and a bunch of sides – and just hung out. T went to spend the night at a friend’s trailer since sleeping on the couch was getting to be a pain. We knew we’d be more or less on our own the rest of the week since T was due to start her new job on Monday.

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