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Arizona – Monday, November 14

November 15th, 2016

Monday we were up fairly early, ate some chocolate frosted donuts, and took off for the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. The regular admission price is rather high at $22 per person but thanks to our Morton Arboretum membership we got in for free. It was definitely an interesting place that was laid out nicely so we never really went far out of the way just to get back on track, but it’s a desert so it wasn’t full of flowers like our regular botanic garden either. I appreciated that there were bathrooms in most of the areas which included bottle filling stations so you could remain hydrated. Also, the bathrooms smelled like you just stepped into a Yankee Candle which I thought was a nice touch.



As the morning went on it got warmer out, but what I noticed was that even with it being in the mid 80’s I wasn’t sweating due to the lack of humidity. There was a distinct difference in temperature between the sun and shade as well. I’m sure when it’s 100 degrees the lack of humidity doesn’t help as much, but it was definitely nice in the 80’s.

As we were walking toward a particular section, one of the garden employees let us know that a great horned owl was in a tree nearby. Sure enough there were a bunch of people around the area trying to get a photo of him.


We’ve been trying to spot wild owls near us for years – it figures we’d see one while on vacation.

Once we had seen everything we headed to lunch at McGurkee’s Italian Kitchen.

Sub Sandwich

I was a little thrown by the sesame seeds on the subs but it turns out they really made the taste of the sandwich, along with the fact that the bread was toasted.

Afterwards we drove over to a place called Churn for dessert. Their ice cream was ok, but not really worth the high price ($10 for the two of us).

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