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Zoo fool

May 21st, 2005

I dragged Joe downtown this morning because I wanted to go to Lincoln Park Zoo. We tried going two weeks ago after visiting the Garfield Park Conservatory, but we couldn’t find parking anywhere and I refuse to pay $12 to park in a lot. We almost didn’t find parking again today, but then Joe spotted an open spot on Clark St. not too far from the zoo.

Since we last visited, they finished a new housing structure called The Regenstein Center for Africa Apes. I couldn’t bring myself to point a camera at any of the apes, though. You look into their eyes and they seem too much like humans to do that. One in particular looked really depressed the way she had her head across her arms and was staring into space. I watched her for a bit, but it seemed odd, especially when she looked up at me with a sad look in her eyes.

I bet the apes hate being locked up and being stared at like that day after day. I don’t care how large their enclosure is, it’s still not the same as being free. I’m sure no animal enjoys being caged, but most animals aren’t conscious of it in the way I believe the apes are.

I also feel like the biggest idiot in the world. I was going to complain how I don’t feel as if the image stabilization on my new lens has been helping me get sharper shots, when I realized this afternoon that it wasn’t turned on! In fact, I don’t think it’s been on since I got the lens. What a doof! For some reason I thought the open circle meant on, but it was actually in the off position. Yeesh, and I call myself a photographer? How embarrassing! The good news is I’m becoming more comfortable with the manual settings on the camera. Hopefully by the time October roles around I will be a pro; as long as I can remember to turn the stabilization on. ;)

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