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Ignorant $)(#$)(!s at the park

May 22nd, 2005

We went for a bike ride earlier, and went to the local park to scope it out since we haven’t been there before. People were flying their kites and now I want one too! I was impressed with all the different recreation areas and the overall size of the park. I was not impressed, however, with the stupid people we encountered in the short time we were there.

When you’re riding a bike on a track that has a bright yellow line down the middle and a group of people taking up both sides of the track are heading toward you on foot, you’d think they’d at least move over before you have to stop and wait for them to take their sweet time moving. Guess not.

On the same path, we came around full circle and this same group of people was about to merge onto the track in front of us. Did they wait until we went past? No. Did they at least stay to one side of the yellow line? No. Did they move over when Joe called out “on your left”? No. Because they are rude, that’s why.

Later, on the sidewalk, two people were walking toward us and we were are on the far right of the sidewalk. Did the girl closest to the middle of the sidewalk move over to allow us to comfortably ride past? No, because she’s got an attitude problem which you could detect by the smirk on her face. So yes, I purposely whipped by her rather closely just to prove a point. I mean come on, what’s with the attitude? I don’t even know you.

I’m really sick and tired of other people. Unfortunately I don’t live in a bubble that consists of just me and my family/friends or I couldn’t care less what other people do. This is why after we put the screen door in our front door and the stupid neighbors next door opened their door to allow their nasty cigarette-smoke-filled house smell come into our house, I lit some incense and started blasting Nine Inch Nails. I dare them to say something. I’m not in the mood to deal with people today.

Eleven years people, and I’m out of here.

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