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Errands & eye twitching

June 14th, 2005

Yesterday we ran so many errands after work I couldn’t believe we were home before 7 pm. We stopped at 7-8 places! Some of the stops were a total waste of time, like Best Buy (no, I don’t know any better when it comes to that place because I keep going back). They had a great deal on RAM: 1 GB DDR for only $50, but they were all out by the time we got there. Plus an employee had no idea what we were talking about (typical) even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an online-only special.

Our trip to Jewel was unfruitful as well. Ever since last week when someone brought in a veggie tray, I’ve been wanting to get the veggie dip that was included. Unfortunately, it’s only packaged with the veggies which are overpriced. So I picked up a dip at Target that is ok, but not nearly as tasty. :(

Went to the library as well so Joe could get some books on cd, and got a recipe book: Good Housekeeping Rush Hour Dinners : Great Meals in 30 Minutes or Less. I’m always checking out new recipe books but they usually suck. This one, just from quickly flipping through it last night, has a bunch of recipes I plan on trying. Tonight I’m going to go through it in more detail and if the majority are good, I might just order it to own.

My eye seems to be doing a bit better today. I’m not sure if it’s because I changed my contacts and opened a new bottle of saline, or if I’ve been careful about not moving my eye as much. I changed the contacts to the ones I think I got from the doctor’s office. I also have some that I ordered from 1-800-contacts but I’ve heard some bad things about them, like how the contacts aren’t necessarily sterile, so I won’t be ordering from them again.

I’m trying to turn my head instead of looking out of the corner of my eye since that seems to strain the muscle and make it start twitching. I have had a headache since I got up this morning and it hurts behind my eye similar to when I get a migraine. I keep putting off going to the doctor because as soon as I do it will stop twitching. Trust me, this kind of stuff happens to me all the time. So I’m going to try cutting out all caffeine, even the caffeine-free diet pop in case aspartame is to blame, and hopefully get a bit more sleep. Going to bed early typically backfires for me, so we’ll see how that goes. The twitching is just driving me insane and short of ripping my eye out or injecting the muscle with Botox, I don’t know what else to do. It most likely isn’t an indication of anything serious, but if it’s not gone by next week, I’ll make an appointment to see the doctor just to be safe.

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