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Park district follow-up

August 22nd, 2005

This weekend our townhome association threw a neighborhood party. Or more like the village threw a party at our association. Something like that. Anyway, we took Joe’s son because his daughter was at her new school’s open house with her mom. It was just down the street by the pool, so we walked.

They had a couple of games set up for the kids and they got little prizes, plus everyone got free hot dogs and ice cream.

At one point the district trustee came by to introduce himself and we got on the topic of my e-mail to the park district that went unanswered. After a bit more chit chat, he took off with the promise he’d look into it.

He came back about 5-10 minutes later with a woman who works for the park district in tow. I was impressed that he took my concern (complaint?) seriously enough to bring her over to talk to me, although I have to say I got the impression they were just humoring me. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I felt like they were rolling their eyes at me in their heads. I guess we’ll see since the woman talked as if putting up some signs, particularly by the baseball diamond, was a real possibility. Although she did have to sneak in there that this is the first time someone has mentioned that people loiter on the fitness path and put themselves and people using the path in danger. To that I say, just because people don’t know where to voice a complaint, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

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