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Employed Again

October 28th, 2021

Nope not me, but Joe. He was laid off at the end of January and has been looking for work ever since. He applied to over 100 jobs and didn’t even hear back from any of them until September. Just one of the reasons it irks me when people claim no one wants to work anymore – more like no one is really hiring like they will lead you to believe! I heard it’s because then they don’t have to pay the government back for the PPP loans they were given last year. It wouldn’t surprise me, even if that’s fraud. But I digress…

Joe had a few interviews and one of them turned into an offer which he accepted. His first day was Monday, October 18th. The pay is great, the benefits are decent (the health insurance literally starts the day after the one from his previous job’s severance package expires), and the people seem nice.

The only drawback is they are disorganized and as such he’s had to work longer hours than he’d prefer, including having to work this weekend. Ugh!!! Why can’t these places get their shit together? No one wants to spend their entire life working. I really hope they hire enough people so no one has to work over 40 hours a week. I don’t care what you’re willing to pay – it’s not sustainable.

It feels weird having the house to myself again. I don’t like it as much as I thought I would. The only plus side is the place has never been cleaner. For whatever reason I don’t like cleaning when Joe is around, so there would be months where I’d only clean the bathrooms once in that time. Yuck! Now I have a weekly schedule.

I miss us not being able to go shopping weekday mornings to avoid people. We’re going to try grocery shopping tonight, in fact, since even a weekend morning is out of the question this week.

Can someone just send us a couple million dollars so we can retire? Please and thank you.

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