December 26th, 2005

If you check my Flickr account, you may already know I got #2 on my Ultimate Wish List from Joe for Christmas. It’s not the exact one I wrote about, but I picked that one for it’s price, not performance, so I trust Joe’s judgment. So far, it’s great, so I don’t care. It was a great deal too: only $229 after rebate.

We went to Target on Christmas Eve and picked up a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse in black to complete the look. The keyboard has these hot keys at the top that can be programmed to launch different programs on a single push. Although I didn’t buy it for that reason, they are pretty neat. The mute and volume buttons are especially helpful. Plus it’s nice to kick back and type from my lap when chatting.

I am very pleased with the new monitor as well, although it is taking me a bit to get used to how bright the screen is and the 1280 x 1024 resolution I’m forced to use as anything else looks fuzzy on the lcd. I hear that’s nothing new, but I wasn’t expecting it. I definitely have more screen real estate now, however, so there is a bright side to that.

In addition to the monitor, Joe also got me a foot spa, two cds, some candy, a yo-yo, and an unauthorized 2-DVD Cure biography which I haven’t watched yet as I’m hoping we’ll be getting a home theatre system soon. My husband is just so good to me!

I feel rather bad since I didn’t get as much for Joe because he forbid me to buy him a guitar like I wanted to. So he got a book of Sudoku, The Chronicles of Narnia hard-cover, a Sox World Series gold coin, and something else that has yet to even ship. Before he purchased the monitor we had spent the same amount of money on one another, but now I feel like an ass for getting more presents. I keep telling him he better get a guitar soon!

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